Cloud Accounting

We’re experts in Xero and add-ons and can help you choose the most suitable options for your business. Many clients are changing to cloud platforms due to the ease of use, real-time data and 24/7 remote accessibility. Ultimately, it gives business owners greater insights into how their business is doing in an instant. Find out more


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Working in Cloud

We manage all aspects of your business in cloud and are able to provide you with real-time information when and where you need it.

All Services under One Roof

We provide a wide range of services catered to all your business needs and geared towards your business goal.

Free Initial Consultation

Talk to one of our experts and see if we are a good match. No worries!

What our clients say

John Doe,
Doe & Company

Senior & Junior makes it easy for everyone!

Senior & Junior has been doing a great job looking after our financial side of the business for years. Offering a full range of services makes it easy and convenient for everyone. We use various of their services and all of them are geared towards our business goal.


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